Finest Caribbean Rum

From Past Till Now.

Aged 8 Years in OAK

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Haynes Finest Rum Old Bottle Limited Edition
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Home: Barbados

Haynes rum

A melting pot of nuances, as unique and complex as its history. In his button, he combines both traditional values ​​and the modern zeitgeist.

Haynes Finest rum
Haynes Finest rum


Haynes Finest rum

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Tasting profile: taste is harmful but dry at the same time. Nougat and mild blue Mountain Cafe form a fine balance with nuances of toffee and cream bonbons. In addition, pronounced, spicy wood notes, through which the rum receives its complexity, meet a striking vanilla note with slightly sweet accents.

The nose is flooded by elegant, fruity notes of grilled pineapple combined with tropical coconut. Furthermore, the Caribbean bouquet is accompanied by spicy nutmegs and mint aromas, which give the liquid a certain depth and character. There are also intensive notes of roasted hazelnut and cream broken.

Including the limited Haynes gift box

Content: 0.5l

  • Color: golden yellow
  • Serving temperature: PIR at 16-19 ° C
  • Alcohol content: 40%
  • Perfect Serve: The finely balanced rum is suitable
    Perfect for pure enjoyment. Its complexity also guarantees a high

Haynes consists of 2 parts.

Part 1 - 8 years in untouched French oak barrels. More than half of the exquisite Haynes Rums matures over eight years in untouched French oak barrels, which give the liquid aromanist of wooden flavor and vanilla in different intensity.

Part 2 - 18 years of which 3 years in American bourbon barrels and 15 years of stainless steel tanks. The
Second part matures in old, burned -out, American bourbon barrels for at least three years. As a result, the liquid absorbs certain flavorings of the bourbon and develops a very own, individual taste profile. The second part will then be stored for another 15 years in stainless steel tanks in the Caves of Barbados. In this way, the sharpness changes and the multi-layered bourbon aromas can fully develop.

Excellent and filigree coordinated, the two wooden barrel stores give the Caribbean gold its unmistakable,
authentic character.

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