We love brands - as well as over 25 years

Many companies are still looking for the recipe for successful brands. We already have it.

It is the mixture of passion, conviction and market competence. If everything fits, names and products arise new worlds that inspire consumers and which they permanently accompany them. Success is not always predictable. That is why brands need courage. You have to meet the right time and work stubbornly on it. Because doing brands is like working on a hit: some only work one season and others become classics. There is all this in the MBG Group: we try, we think and weigh. In the end, however, we always let our feeling and instinct decide for the new sales charms. In short: we do it.

Made in Germany
Our success story

Our international success began in Germany.

Since then we have been particularly strong on this market. We have an exceptionally large sales team for trade and gastronomy. As a full range, we offer a strong brand portfolio that convinces our large trading partners. In order to counter the increasing demand, we have significantly expanded our logistics capacities with a second large camp in Munich.